How to Choose a Counsellor

Persons usually question me, Just how do I select a Counsellor? Just how do I know very well what their credentials are? I answer – Question!

All reliable counsellors, psychologists, therapists and coaches is going to be happy to discuss their education with you, after all they are giving a service.

The next questions may help you decide on how best to select a counsellor that’s acceptable to your needs.


If the counsellor does not need a accepted level or post graduate education Psychologist in Singapore, question them what their education entailed

How several years did the counsellor examine?
Was the program regular, or weekends, and in that case, how many weekends did they examine?
What models of therapy did the counsellor examine, as an example, if they’re marketing Cognitive Behavioural Treatment, it’s acceptable to question wherever they accomplished their education, again, how several years did it include, who offered working out, what professional human anatomy approved working out?
If your counsellor has a diploma, question if it is in a location relating to counselling.

If you are seeking counselling for a particular situation, such as anxiety or despair, question

What mental health education does the counsellor have?
Was their education supervised – did they have counselling placements all through education, and in that case, that which was their duration?
If you never realize the words some counsellors set following their name, again, ask.

What experience does the counsellor have relating to the difficulties you wish to examine?

What models of therapy does the counsellor function in?

Are the counsellors accessible models of therapy suggested for the matter you wish to examine? (not all models of therapy are suited to all issues. You will find most useful training dilemmas and study that inform the counsellor in regards to what style of therapy is recommended for a particular issue.)
What to look for in the first meeting with the counsellor

Does the counsellor describe what they could offer and how they propose to help finding you from where you stand today, to wherever you wish to be?
Could be the counsellor ready to accept addressing your questions
It’s essential for you to question questions and many counsellors is going to be happy to answer any questions you may have so as that you might find the best fit for the difficulties you want