May A Surface Pro 3 Replace Your Notebook for Company Use?

Businesspeople are usually searching for smaller, Mini WiFi Projector with Bluetooth light and more portable processing methods that may however do everything their larger predecessors could do.

Microsoft’s newest formation, the Surface Pro 3, is smaller when compared to a laptop, has all of the same features as a laptop and includes a decrease beginning price stage than many laptops. Microsoft advertising claims that their pill can replace your laptop – but, could it actually? Let us study the main element comparison factors between the two.

Screen Size – Notebook Wins

The pill includes a smaller monitor compared to a laptop of the same price. The Surface begins at about $800 dollars and that model includes a 12.5 inch screen. Comparably-priced notebooks can be found with everywhere from a 13 inch to a 15-inch screen. A 12.5-inch monitor nevertheless is a adequately useful measurement monitor for most programs and uses.

Using it On Your Panel – Notebook Wins

Imagine if your “cellular” use generally suggests getting your personal computer home with you every night and utilizing it in your lap on the sofa? The laptop sits up on its own and works great in your lap. The Surface includes a kickstand to prop the monitor up in the same like that a laptop sits, however the drawback here is that the kickstand has a harder time staying up when added to an irregular area like your lap – while the flat-bottom of a laptop was made, well, to sit at the top of your lap.

Additional Connectivity Possibilities – Notebook Wins

The Surface and notebooks have a monitor pad for a mouse as well as a keyboard. Many notebooks have 3 or more USB locations for connecting whatsoever peripheral you’ll need to use. The Surface just has one USB interface, but you are able to raise that quantity with a USB splitter.

Also, notebooks have a standard VGA/HDMI interface for connecting to a bigger extra monitor. The Surface Pro 3 runs on the small display interface, that’ll probably need you to use an adaptor for connecting it to a VGA or HDMI monitor or projector.

The Surface Pro 3 and many notebooks come with Wireless and WiFi connectivity.

Weight – Surface Wins

The Surface Pro 3 weighs 1.76 lbs., much less than many equivalent laptops. Laptops vary in fat from 2.95 lbs (Chromebook 2) to 4.7 lbs (Dell Inspiron). If you’re a path knight, then a light Surface Pro 3 can make a big difference in your day-to-day quality of life.

Running Flexibility – Notebook Wins

The Surface Pro 3 just runs Windows 8/8.1. A notebook can work several types of Windows – so if your organization application needs the use of the older Windows 7 or (gasp!) even older Windows XP, your just selection is a laptop.

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