Bielsa saw a good sign, Leeds rejected two main sales

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Leeds United head coach Marcelo Bielsa admits he sees good signs from the club in keeping Rafinha and Calvin Phillips in the January transfer window.

Rafinha and Phillips have received a lucrative offer from a Premier League team believed to be West Ham and Newcastle, but Leeds have turned down any offers. Despite the conclusion that there is no reinforcement for Bielsa in January. 

But the Argentine coach was delight to see the effort. And holding important players “I think it is important for the club to keep the best players ufabet, for the club not to sell important players. And trying to invest another 20 million pounds shows good signs.

“It means a lot that we can keep players that are in demand from other teams. That’s an important matter in and of itself. As for the matter that does not have a contract to add to the army The possibility of improving the team is not there.” “The club has made the necessary efforts. And they showed a greater commitment to investment, so I value everything they do.”

Bielsa was then asked about who are the other 10 players he mentioned in the same position as Summerville.

The Leeds boss, though, refused to provide more details but did question how and why the situation with Summerville made it into the media.