Happy Mendy Senegal wins continental title

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Senegal goalkeeper Eduar Mendy Revealing the happiness. After the team won the African Nations Cup for the first time in the nation successfully

Senegal defeated Egypt 4-2 on penalties after drawing at 0-0. Although defender Buna Sar was save after Egypt’s Mohamed Abdelmonem had missed out earlier. Go, but Mendy came to help save Mohanad Lashine’s shot before Sadio Mane was the one. Who sent the ufabet team to win the championship.

Mendy, who was crown the best goalkeeper of the tournament.

Reveal he was extremely happy after working hard to win the title

“We are very proud because we have never won trophies before,” Mendy said. “We worked hard to win the trophy and today we won it together as a team, as a country, and that’s why. Which I am very proud of.”

When asked about the stress during the penalty shootout, he said: “Yes, for me, but the shooter has pressure too.”

“They did well and I did my best to save. and I succeeded. I’m really happy.”

In the center of the city of Dakar on the avenue leading to the headquarters of the Palace of the Presidency, traffic as. He had also happened during the qualification of the Lions in the final. He was completely block, the drivers took part in the joyful celebration with the honking of their horns and the creaking of their engines.

The majority of them proudly waved flags in the colors of Senegal on the rear-view mirrors or the fronts of their vehicles and their motorcycles. Local police were force to erect barriers to prevent crowds pouring into the square from getting closer to the palace

presidential. The place vibrated to the sound of car horns, vuvuzelas, whistles, cries of joy, firecrackers and songs to the glory of Sadio Mané’s teammates.