Mac Allister happy at Brighton despite big clubs attacking

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Brighton star Alexis Mac Allister has opened up about his future and says he’s very happy playing for the team. After falling into the news with many big teams

Mac Allister has made great contributions to Brighton and was a key player in the Argentina national team winning the 2022 World Cup late last year. Causing the attention of many teams

Liverpool, Manchester United and Chelsea are all keen on the Blues midfielder. And ready to fight for themselves in the summer ufabet

After scoring a penalty to give Brighton a thrilling 1-0 stoppage time win over Manchester United. Mac Allister has opened up about his future as he is enjoying playing for the Seagulls. 

“I’ve been here for three and a half years. I know what the club has given me. I appreciate it very much. and really happy to be here”

“This is the best team. It’s like family, so every time I’m on the pitch so i had a lot of fun with being here,” said the 24-year-old.

Mac Allister might have added a few extra squids to his market value by slamming in the winner from the penalty spot, but that won’t faze Brighton. The succession plan is clear to see and there’ll be someone waiting to fill his spot should he make that next-level move to Liverpool.